Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finishing up in Vermont

Okay, I got the pictures rotated so here goes.  Be sure to click on the photos to see them in close-up!

Brenda did a great job with her Primitive floral---She had not worked much with textures but really did a great job and developed a new love for textures---she even used some paisley in her floral---great job!

I love this rug and this message!  this rug was hooked by Jane.  It is a beauty!


This Jeni's big witch---she is going to have this fun yarn hair--not quite this hairdo, but we wanted to use it in the photo---this was fun!  Be sure and check out her nose.  Jeni was wearing these earrings so we thought big witch might like wearing them too!

Lesli designed this runner with large pomegranates and flowers---I wish their picture showed the whole design---we had lots of back and forth input when she was designing this piece and I think it is turning out great.  Way to go Lesli!

Susan drew this floral pillow while at camp.  She had hooked a bit a long time ago so she was trying out lots of hooks and backing fabrics working on her technique---she made great progress during the week as a beginner and is now "hooked"!

Pam worked on another piece of Susan Fellers that I did not get a picture of, but we also spent a lot of time working on this design of a rug for her chef son and doing some color planning.  Can't wait to see how it comes out.

I sent my last night in Vermont at Green Mountain rugs, at Stephanie's before leaving the next morning to drive to Ohio for the next part of my adventure.

Some Fall color in Vermont---it wasn't peak color but it was getting pretty!

Tomorrow it will be photos from Ohio and Bass lake.

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