Sunday, October 2, 2011

More from Vermont

Well, after a good nights sleep, a good breakfast, and enjoying some beautiful weather---I am feeling much better.  I still feel like I am trying to come down with a cold but hopefully I am fighting it off---no time to be sick!  I went on an afternoon run but it was harder than if I had gone early in the morning.  Tomorrow I will get out early for my run.

This week I will begin preparing for the workshop in Nebraska in 2 1/2 weeks as well as getting caught up on some things I need to take care of---tomorrow will be a busy day but today is another day to get some rest.

Here are some more project from Vermont.  I didn't get pictures of everyone's work as a few got out before I got the pictures taken.

Faith was doing a great job on this Scalloped Welcome rug---check out the paisley in the great primitive flowers.

Susan was hooking my Paisley on Paisley pattern in the 24 by 49 inch size---you are only seeing half of the pattern---she was doing a great job handling the paisley.

Phyllis, aka "sweetheart" was doing a great job on learning the hooked braiding technique---she was so much fun and worked very hard to learn this technique---she is an excellent braider---check out this photo of her work.

I will post some more in a few minutes---I need to go in to my files and rotate some more photos.

I am also watching the Chiefs football game while working on this--they are finally playing football.

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