Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flu shot side effects

I went for a flu shot yesterday afternoon and woke up during the night not feeling well---my arm was aching as well as general body aches and pains especially my head and my teeth---I had trouble sleeping and had a very dry mouth and had to go to the bathroom a lot...not sure it was worth getting the flu shot---I am running a low grade fever this morning.  I hope it doesn't last long.  We are heading to the lake for our last hurrah and will put the trailer in storage.

I have enjoyed seeing photos from the Biennial on :

I wish that I could have attended but you just can't do everything.

This should be a great fall weekend---enjoy!


  1. Wow.... sorry to hear about your side effects from the flu shot!! This was my first year getting one.... I might not have gotten it if I had read this first!! My arm was sore for a few days after, but only to the touch, not when I moved it.
    Have fun at the lake....

  2. Yikes, I've never ever had a reaction to a flu shot. So sorry you are. Hope it is a short-lived experience.