Monday, October 24, 2011

"Gathering on the Blue" Nebraska Workshop

Another fun workshop---my last of the year!

Judy and Jan headed up a great workshop---lots of hooking was done as well as lots of good eating!

They outdid themselves in the food category---good old farm cooking and some of the best desserts I have had in a long time.

It was a good thing I ran every morning down the gravel roads and even in the corn fields---it was very refreshing to hit the road and be able to run down the middle of the gravel road and never be worried about traffic---no cars in sight!  One morning I even took a path out into the corn fields.

Judy also sells wonderful antiques---barns and sheds and even the house was full of wonderful treasures.

This one had to come home with me.

And here it is in my studio

Okay so here are some photos from the workshop---

This delightful piece was hooked by Annette---it was adapted with permission from the artwork of Anita Jeram from England---titled Bunny Bling---which will be in the border with more carrots.

This is Patty's version of Primitive Grace's version of the large Penny Rug Sunflower---I love  this pattern and Patty's color choices really work on this pattern.

I had two students who worked on the same pattern called Spring Floral designed by Red Rocket---the first one was hooked by Jody and the second one by Terri---both versions are looking great---delightful pattern that looks simple to do but presented some challenges that they were both able to meet---when we had show and tell and saw the patterns side by side Teri decided to reverse some hooking in the wheel to let the wheelbarrow show through the wheel as it is doing in Jodi's.

One more picture tonite and then I am hitting the sack---it has been a long day.

This is Mary Jo's pattern called Starlit Homestead a design by Joanne Gerwig---She is eliminating some of the motifs to simplify it---gone are  the deer and the bunnies---I love the softness of this piece.

Off to bed!


  1. Gorgeous red piece. It would have had to come home with me too, even if there's no room. Stunning display!

  2. you must travel in a large truck. That cupboard is beautiful! I love the paisly in it. the rugs are wonderful I always love to see two people hooking the same pattern it shows how diffrent they can be.

  3. That cabinet plus the paisleys... a marriage made in heaven! WOW! I can't wait to see it in person. That bunny bling pattern is really cute, but of course I would say that! I'm really enjoying all the rug photos here and the other Nebraska posts.