Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More from Nebraska

Up early and planning for a busy day.  This morning I am having my coffee while I work on this post, then I am going to run off my fried green tomatoes we had for dinner.  Judy sent me home with a bunch of green tomatoes as well as some that are turning red.  Later today I may have to make some salsa or maybe some homemade tomato soup---yum!

Lots of wool to put away this morning  and then I get to go get my hair cut and colored---it really needs it bad.

Tomorrow I plan to get some dyeing done and then we are heading to the lake on Thursday for our final trip to the lake and put the trailer in storage for the winter.  No winter trip to Texas this year in the trailer.

I am looking forward to Teacher's workshop the first week in November---Lake Texoma is wonderful place to go be with a great group of other teachers and reconnect.

More pictures from Nebraska---I have been a good girl---see my name on Santa's list!

Sisters, Maureen and Theresa both worked on pairs of things---Maureen's two roosters and Theresa's two cats---she was doing this rug for her daughter.  Both of these rugs were done in very wide cuts with high loops---I love them both!  the top roosters are going to have paisley crowns and the two cats are sporting paisley collars.  Maureen flew in from DC so they had a great time being together at the farmhouse.  They inspired me to look into a program called "your body is your gym".  Thanks girls!

Holly chose Audrey's Garden---a design by Rhonda Manley---a fun scrappy quilt.  She really got a lot done---it was great fun to help plan.  The neutral palette with some fun textures is going to make this a great rug---can't wait to see it finished---go Holly!


Louann was hooking the Comstock pattern in colors pretty true to the original---she is going to put her family name ands her wedding date on the rug---She was really getting a lot done as many nights the sleepover gals stayed up late into the night hooking away and having a great time.

Tammy was working on a special design piece by M. Shaw that will be a pillow cover for her bed...what a great piece this is going to be---I want one for my bed!

Okay, the rest will have to wait for later today---so be sure to check back for more.


  1. I love all the beautiful rugs! Especially the roosters!!!! Just awesome!
    Anita - you need to pen a book on hooking and running. You look better now, than you did 15 years ago! You need to get the rest of us on your bandwagon!
    KUDOS girlfriend!!!!!!

  2. Anita ~
    LOVE all the rugs you've shown.
    That cupboard you bought is AWESOME. It would look really good in my house...lol!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hi Anita....
    What a wonderful inspiration this hooking spot is!